• Public transportation
    Unfortunately, they are not very frequent in our region!
    The nearest train station is in Bertrix, which is 27 km from the hostel…
    The Tec bus runs 6 times a week.
  • By car:
    • Take the E 411 towards Namur – Luxembourg
    • Exit 25: 1st exit Libramont-Chevigny, right direction: N89 Reims Sedan Bouillon Bertrix
    • Drive for about 20 km (Pass near Bertrix – Pass through Fays-les-Veneurs)
    • Exit: Right N819: Menuchenet, Rochehaut, Mogimont, (may also indicate Gedinne, Beauraing)
    • Big roundabout at Menuchenet: straight ahead: direction Mogimont, Rochehaut, Poupehan
    • Cross Mogimont (watch out for frequent radar) and enter the wooded area, with a succession of bends.
    • When you leave the wooded area, turn left onto the N 893 towards Poupehan. You will cross part of Rochehaut.
    • Again a succession of bends to Poupehan (+/- 4 km).
    • We are on your left, just before the bridge.